Welcome to The 12th School Handbell Competition
注意事項  Caution請確認以下內容並點選 [Yes] 以繼續進行網上報名程序。Please read the below particulars and click [Yes] to continue.


Each application submission is only for ONE competition item for ONE group.  Please refresh this page after finishing this submission for the next application if needed.

報名所需資料 :
1) 參賽隊伍基本資料,包括:
- 香港手鈴藝術協會會員編號
- 學校名稱、地址及電話
- 負責老師姓名、聯絡電話及電郵
- 指揮姓名及手鐘 / 手鈴 / 手鈴板之音域

2) 自選樂曲資料,包括:
- 樂曲名稱、作曲者、編曲者(如有)
- 樂曲編號、出版社、程度、音域及樂曲長度(分鐘)          
- 自選樂譜之PDF 檔案,請以會員編號及比賽項目編號作為檔案名稱
   (例如: G0123HB01S.pdf)

3) 如欲透過本會訂購自選樂譜,請先電郵至 info@hkhandbell.com 向香港手鈴藝術學院查詢樂譜價錢。 

上資料已預備 ?

Required information for entry :
1) Basic information of the participating group
-  Membership number of Handbell Association of Hong Kong
-  School name, address and phone no.
-  Name of teacher-in-charge, mobile no. and email
-  Name of conductor, range of Handchime/Handbell/Belleplate

2) Details information of Own Choice    
- Name of piece, Composer, Arranger (optional)     
- Code of piece, Publisher, Level, Octave range and Duration of piece (mins)
- PDF file of score copy, please use your Membership number and Competition Class Code as the file name, e.g. G0123HB01S.pdf

3) If you wish to purchase score of Own Choice via HAHK, please enquire the unit price of the score with HK Handbell Academy via email at info@hkhandbell.com.
(HAHK members can enjoy discount on score purchased)

Is the above information ready?

遞交網上報名表後如有任何更改,隊伍需繳交HK$200行政費用,請將更改需求及行政費用之銀行入賬收據電郵至 festival@hahk.org (按每次更改計算,如樂曲或指揮更換)。如隊伍於比賽當日更換指揮或參賽者,隊伍須即時繳付行政費用方可作賽。

本校 / 隊伍明白並同意上述行政費用。

If amendment is needed after submission, an administrative fee of HK$200 will be charged each time. Please send your requests via email at festival@hahk.org attached with bank payment receipt of the administrative fee (for each amendment request e.g. change of own choice piece, conductor's name, etc.).  If replacement of conductor or participants is required on the day of competition, the administrative fee must be paid at the reception before the competition starts.  

My School / Group understand and agree on the above administrative fee. *

本校 / 隊伍已詳閱第十二屆校際手鈴比賽報名章程,並同意及遵守第章程內之細則。

My School / Group agree and follow the 12th School Handbell Competition Application Regulation.

參賽隊伍基本資料  Group Information

會員編號  Member ID *

學校名稱 (中文) *

School Name (Eng) *

學校地址  School Address *

聯絡地址  Postal Address

Please enter if it is not the same as school address.
學校電話  School Telephone No. *

負責老師姓名   Name of Teacher-in-Charge *

聯絡電話  Contact Mobile No. *

指揮姓名  Name of Conductor *

如沒有指揮,請註明 "沒有"。
Please specify if there is no conductor.
如學校於同一組別派出兩支隊伍參賽,請在此處列明此報名表屬 A 隊或 B 隊。
If school delegates 2 teams in the same category, please specify this application belongs to team 1 or team 2 here:

所需長枱數量(最多 6 張):
No. of tables needed (maximun 6): *

參加比賽項目  Competition Items

報名費  Application Fee *

HK$200 will be charged for late application after January 21.

指定樂譜及訂購單價  Set Piece and Unit Price of Score

樂曲編號  Code : CGB595   
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Ave Maria (Level 1+) 
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$40

樂曲編號  Code :CO977719
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Peace in Our Time (Level 2) 
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$45

樂曲編號  Code : MFM20408 
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Be Thou My Vision (Level 3) 
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$42

樂曲編號  Code: JHS9221    
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : When You Wish Upon a Star (Level 4)
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$40

樂曲編號  Code : MGIG9218   
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Echo March  (Level 1+)
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$50

樂曲編號  Code: CGB538    
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Staccato Giocoso (Level 3)
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$45

樂曲編號  Code: 45224    
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal (Level 3)
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$50

樂曲編號  Code: AG35174    
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : Lumière (Level 4)
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$45

樂曲編號  Code: AG35146    
樂曲名稱  Name of Piece : O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Level 4)
樂譜單價  Unit Price of Score HK$45

訂購指定樂譜   Order Score of Set Piece

訂購數量  Order Qty *

Please enter "0" if no order required.
訂購金額   Total Order Amount HK$ *

Please refer to the above unit price of score, input "0" if no order required.
自選樂曲資料   Information of Own Choice

樂曲名稱  Name of Piece *

樂曲編號   Code of Piece *

作曲家  Name of  Composer *

編曲者(如有)   Name of Arranger (If applicable)

出版社   Name of Publisher *

八度  Octave(s) *

程度  Level *

樂曲長度(分鐘)   Duration of Piece (mins) *

上載自選樂譜副本   Upload Score Copy of Own Choice *

Apart from Creative Ringing and Colorbells groups, all groups are required to upload file copy of their own choice scores.
上載自選樂譜副本   Upload Score Copy of Own Choice *

請以會員編號及參賽組別作為檔案名稱, 例如 G0123HB01S.pdf
Please use your Member ID and Competition Item Code as the file name, e.g. G0123HB01S.pdf

Maximum file size is 10MB
訂購自選樂譜    Order Score of Own Choice

訂購數量   Order Qty *

Please enter "0" if no order required.
樂譜單價    Unit Price of Score HK$ *

訂購金額    Total Order Amount HK$ *

Please enter "0" if no order required.
樂譜郵遞方式   Delivery of Score Purchased

雙掛號   Registered Mail with A.R.

凡透過本會訂購本比賽之樂譜,均會以「雙掛號」之郵遞方式寄予隊伍於網上報名時提供之地址及聯絡人。訂購樂譜數量不超過十四份之雙掛號連郵費為 HK$45,十五份或以上為 HK$60(雙掛號費用為 HK$26.5)。

All scores ordered for this competition will be delivered to the address and contact person provided by Registered Mail with A.R. (Acknowledgement by Return).  Postage fee for order in 14 copies or below is HK$45, order in 15 copies or above is HK$60.  (Registered Mail with A.R. costs HK$26.5).
請選擇所需郵費  Please select the required postage fees *

Please select "Not Applicable" if no score purchase.

付款項目   Payment Summary報名費 Application Fee : {{answer_14729600}}{{answer_14728434}}指定樂譜 Score of Set Piece數量 Order Qty : {{answer_14729926}}    合計 Order Amount HK${{answer_14729946}}自選樂譜 Score of Own Choice 數

Please review the above payment details and input total amount.
付款金額總數   Total Payment Amount HK$


付款証明   Bank Payment Confirmation *

請將所有費用之銀行入賬收據檔案上傳,或於2017年1 月21 日或之前電郵至 festival@hahk.org
請確認檔案遞交方式 :

Please upload file copy of your bank payment slip, or submit it by email at festival@hahk.org on or before 21 January 2017.
Please confirm your submission of bank payment slip :

上載銀行入賬收據   Upload Bank Payment Slip

Maximum file size is 10MB
條款及細則   Terms of Application

閣下發送此網上報名表前,請細閱以下條款及細則 :
Please read the below terms and condition before you submit this application form :
1)  請確認以上所填寫之資料無誤。閣下發送網上報名表後,將會收到一個由 notifications@typeform.com 發出(不需回覆)之報名確認電郵。請列印該電郵並由校長簽署及蓋上校印,於2017年1月28日前傳真至 3743-5633 或電郵至 festival@hahk.org。逾期遞交之報名將被視為無效。

2)  如以電郵遞交銀行入賬收據,必須於2017年1月21日或以前完成遞交,否則須繳交逾期報名費HK200,未完成付款之報名將不會被處理。

3)  參賽隊伍須於2017年4月8日或以前於本會網頁上載參賽者名單 (有關網頁將稍後啟動)。

1)  Please confirm the above information entered is correct.  After you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email from notifications@typeform.com (non-reply).  Please return the email printout with school principal's signature and school chop to HAHK by fax (3743-5633) or email (festival@hahk.org) on or before January 28, 2017Your application will be invalid if HKHA does not receive the signed confirmation by the specified date. 

2)  Bank payment slip(s) must be submitted by January 21, 2017.  Otherwise, a late payment fee of HK$200 will be charged to your group.  Unpaid application will not be processed.
3)  Each group need to submit the participant's name list on or before April 8, 2017 via our online system (to be launched at later stage).

請於2017年4月8 日或以前遞交參賽者名單

Thank you for your application of
The 12th School Handbell Competition
Please submit participant's name list on or before April 8, 2017